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Even in failed situations, I thank you for having tried, as long as you were really trying to help. A disturbance signal is applied to the microactuator while in the single-stage mode, and a failure condition of the microactuator is determined based on a position error generated in response to the disturbance signal.

I don't think I have an ego problem. The interface controller further disables write permissions to the write cache responsive the voltage supply dropping at or below a second threshold, wherein the second threshold is lower in magnitude that the first threshold.

January 14, Assignee: Referring to sales invoices tendered as evidence of sales in Singapore, she said not one of them featured the single polo player logo on its own and added that many of the company's advertisements did not carry it either. Lim, Wee Loon Mechanics of railway ballast behaviour.

Friends and family are important to me, but if you ask my friends and family, I don't think they will agree that I have been living by my words, even though I am trying to do that nowadays.

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October 4, Assignee: However, the fashion giant could still launch an appeal against the June 2 decision. Grant Date of Patent: Each of the passes corresponds to a different cross-track offset, each of the data sectors being divided into two or more blocks.

Cancer Res ; He also pointed out that the single polo player mark had, over years of extensive usage, "acquired technical distinctiveness". Credibility and reliability are very important to me.

August 22, Publication date: A data sector is read using two or more passes of a read head over a recording medium. Single particle crushing test was simulated to produce crushable agglomerates with a distribution of strengths of ballast A.

November 8, Applicant: Polo Ralph Lauren's counsel could not confirm whether there will be an appeal as its clients are still reviewing the matter. He also pointed out that the single-polo player mark had, over years of extensive usage, developed an "acquired technical distinctiveness".

To my dismay, I generally suck at it. I just don't want to trouble others for my own problems. Intellectual property adjudicator Professor Ng-Loy Wee Loon, who heard the case, found the USPA's logo had to be viewed as a whole - with both its letters and image - as neither was dominant.

Important aspects of ballast behaviour under repeated loading, namely resilient and permanent deformation, were studied. They are the two values my father is very particular about. Intellectual property IP adjudicator Ng-Loy Wee Loon, who heard the case, found that USPA's logo had to be viewed as a whole - with both its letters and image - as neither was dominant.

These agglomerates were then used to simulate the oedometer test. The USPA - the sport's American governing body - has ventured into selling merchandise and registered the mark in with the intention to enter the eyewear market here.

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In one implementation, the system and method include receiving a write command to write data to a first track in a band in a recording medium, seeking to a first track, reducing an on-cylinder limit OCLIM from a default OCLIM to a reduced OCLIM by a predetermined amount on the first track, performing write operations on the first track with the reduced OCLIM, and determining if a transfer of data to the first track band in the write operations has been substantially completed.

A true honour," said the National University of Singapore academic, whose main research interests lie in intellectual property IP law. In addition, Haochen has advised leading law firms and companies in the entertainment, information technology, and luxury and fashion sectors on matters relating to intellectual property protection.

While her passion lies in teaching and research, Prof Ng-Loy has been appointed as amicus curiae Latin for "friend of the court" to present her independent views on IP cases before the Court of Appeal. The resulting normal compression line was compared with that for real oedometer tests: The combination of head recording frequencies is determined following an error testing operation and a unique physdisc lookup table is created based on the determined recording frequencies.

Haochen has given public lectures at many leading law schools in North America, Europe and Asia. January 19, Applicant: If I was buying a branded item, I would check the brand properly. The selected data from each of the blocks to is combined to form recovered data of the data sector.

The disclosed technology provides a system and method that improves command completion time in a shingled magnetic recording device system. This disclosure is related to systems and methods for temperature monitoring of electronics, such as a controller or processor within a data storage device.

It is a fair judgment. Then I realised that I have no idea how to bring this list down to five. One of the current ballast tests, namely the Aggregate Crushing Value ACV test, which is analogous to the oedometer test, is not appropriate because the ACV test uses mm ballast particles, and there is a size effect on the strength of ballast and different ballasts have different size effects.

But this is not integrity, this is still because of consequence.

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Danny Ng Wee Kiat: Simulations of oscillations in a network of neurons using the Integrate and Fire neuron model, MEngSc Thesis,Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman S.

The Law of Reputation and Brands in the Asia Pacific

Y. Mok, Z. Nadasdy, Y.M. Lim and S.Y. Goh, Ultra-slow oscillations in cortical networks in vitro, Neuroscience () Ng Shao Chin, Cindy: One of the assessors does not consent to thesis publication: SOH YONG QI: First Principles Mechanical Study of Mono-layer ReN2: Feng Yuan Ping: Supervisor does not wish to publish thesis: SUNTHAR S/O BALAKRISHNAH: Solar Heat Gain Modelling for Urban Environment: Koh Wee Shing: Supervisor does not wish to publish.

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